How Can You Maintain Your Lung Health?

Mostly people stay conscious about their heart’s health, but few people think about their lungs’ health too. It is very essential for everyone to take care of their lung’s health along with the heart. Lungs are very essential for oxygen supply to the cells in the body, thereby keeping the breathing process normal.

Similar to other body organs, lungs can also get damaged if they don’t receive proper care. If lungs get damaged, then it will create difficulties in breathing. As a result certain chronic conditions may also occur in damaged lungs like asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, pulmonary edema, lung infection or pneumonia, COPD.

Let’s have a look in some advices which can make the lungs healthful.

Tips to make lungs healthy:

Stop Smoking:

Tobacco smoking is very injurious to overall health. Tobacco smoking is the key reason behind lung infection or pneumonia or lung cancer. The smoke of tobacco shrinks the passage through which the air passes, which creates difficulties in the breathing process. This state can result to chronic bronchitis or emphysema. Smoking habit for a longer time period damages the tissues and cells of lungs, which can cultivate lung cancer.

Stay Hydrated:

To keep the body organ’s functioning properly; drinking enough water is very essential. Similarly the lungs also require water to make mucus thin, which is helpful for proper breathing.

Avoid Exposure to Air Pollution:

Toxins present in polluted area can reduce the lungs’ breathing capacity. These toxins weaken lung’s health.

Improve the Indoor Air Quality:

People spend more time in indoors as compared outdoors; therefore it is very important for everyone to improve the indoor air quality. Always try to keep carpets as well as other household items clean. Also avoid second hand smoke.

Protect Yourself from Getting Infections:

Protect yourself from respiratory infection as a common cold can also affect the lung’s health and may lead to severe diseases. Try to prevent touching your eyes or face more often with dirty hands, keep a regular hand washing habit with soap, and try to get vaccines too.

Do Breathing Exercises:

As regular exercise keeps the body fit. Similarly regular deep breathing exercise keeps the lungs healthy. As per research daily 10 to 15 minutes breathing exercise can improve the lungs health.


By following these above mentioned tips one can make your lungs healthier. Also, including a healthy diet will certainly benefit you.

Other than all these, a regular or periodic health check-up is very essential to diagnose any disease at the right time.

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