How can you minimize the risk of thyroid disease?

A butterfly-shaped gland located in the front side of neck is known as thyroid. The thyroid creates hormones which help to control numerous functions in the body. If thyroid do not work appropriately, then it affects the entire body. The thyroid hormones, released by thyroid controls the metabolism. The process which converts food into energy is known as Metabolism. The hormones produced by the thyroid gland are T3 and T4.

When somebody’s thyroid do not work properly then thyroid disease happens which can impact the entire body. Thyroid diseases are generally of two kinds: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. When the body starts making too much thyroid hormone then it is known as hyperthyroidism, and when the body makes very little thyroid hormone then it is known as hypothyroidism. Both the conditions are severe and require medical attention.

Thyroid Disease Reducing Techniques:

Regularly do Thyroid Neck Check; it diagnoses bumps, lumps, and swelling on the thyroid when they are near to the surface.

A particular protein named selenium is helpful for preventing thyroid disease. Consumption of foods rich in selenium and supplements can boost immune system.

Quit smoking habit because tobacco contains varieties of chemicals that can affect the thyroid and can block the creation of thyroid hormones.

Consumption of soy in moderation is best for health. As per studies soy, fiber, calcium, and iron interfere with body’s absorption of levothyroxine.

Consume gluten-free products.

Stay physically active and have healthy meal.


Going for regular health check-ups is very essential for diagnosing various diseases on time. For your safety it is better to take preventive measures. By following the above mentioned tips you can prevent thyroid disease. If you have any thyroid disease history then you should to test your thyroid hormone levels annually.


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