24/7 Services

Our 24/7 Services

What sets us apart from our competition in the end is our mission of provide uninterrupted service to our patients at any and all times so that no health condition or complication remains undiagnosed in the city. Hence we work round the clock to provide these services to you whenever you need them. *Note: Only the below mentioned services are available 24/7. For other services you can visit our clinic in its normal working hours.


Accidents can occur at anytime and for any fall related accidents the need for an X-Ray service that is available 24 hours is absolutely crucial so we realized the need and made it available for the people of the city. CHRC happily provides X-Ray services as a 24/7 service of their clinic. We are always there because we care.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging or (MRI) Scans are also very important as they are related to testing of the nerve system and internal tissues and for a look on the internal functioning of the body hence in any case of medical emergency a doctor can prescribe a MRI Scan and thus, we created our 24/7 service for MRI scans so you don’t have to take a chance with the health of your loved ones no matter what time it is.


Computerized Tomography or CT Scan is also another commonly recommended test by doctors to check on the exact location of blood clots, bone tumors and fractures and it is also essential for keeping a check over diseases such as Cancer. Hence it is also a very important service that would be essential for the people. So we are always there for your medical and diagnostic needs and proudly present to you our 24/7 CT Scan services.


ECG or Electro Cardiogram is a diagnostic tool that is used to capture and keep in check the electrical and muscular functions of the heart. It is done to keep a check over the regular functioning in the person’s heart. Any problem in the ECG report can mean that the patient might be suffering from some form of cardiovascular disorder. A bad ECG report would be, where the consistency of the waves of would be disrupted meaning that the report or the ECG strip would have irregular waves.

For any medical emergencies be sure to contact us on: 95200 95201 to avail Ambulance Service and all our other available services.