Want to know how to improve your oxygen level naturally?

After the 2nd wave of COVID-19, India has perceived the necessity for oxygen at its utmost. It is witnessed that the level of oxygen drops faster in coronavirus affected patients, when the saturation level goes less than 94%. And the enormous demand for the supply of oxygen has regrettably led to a scarcity of oxygen across several states. The Indian Health Ministry has recommended having continuous monitor on the level of oxygen for all COVID-19 patients and only when their saturation level goes less than 94% they should be kept on oxygen support. Therefore it is very important for us to learn how to we can maintain our oxygen level?

What are the natural ways to improve your oxygen level?

As we all know the coronavirus badly affects our lungs, which results to the decrease of the oxygen levels. Therefore, if you test positive with some mild symptoms of COVID-19, then you must follow appropriate self-treatment procedures at home. This mostly comprises of steam inhalation, consumption of vitamin and protein rich food items, and examining your oxygen as well as heart rate level by using an oximeter. Other than these there are some natural methods that can increase your oxygen level, they are:


As per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare proning is one of the good techniques that can aid people to breathe well. This process turns patients with accurate and safe gestures, from their back on their abdomen. Hence the patients have to lie down their face on their abdomen. This method has recognized useful to increase oxygenation and is found to be advantageous for the patients of COVID-19.

Stay hydrated:

To gain the complete benefits of oxygenation one should drink filtered water. Therefore, you necessarily ensure you keep a practise of drinking water all through the day. Also keep on mind that caffeinated beverages, food items with high amount of sodium, or alcohol can dehydrate your body, so it will be great to avoid consuming them.

Change your diet:

It is essential to eat foods that contain antioxidants as they allow the body to use oxygen more proficiently. Red cabbage, beet root, beans, strawberries are few antioxidant-rich fruits which can be consumed as juices or smoothies.

Be active:

A regular walk of minimum 30 minutes helps the body to consume oxygen in an improved way. So performing basic exercises or walking for a while can increase your oxygen level and also boost up your mood.

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