Amazing ways to Benefit Your Health by Walking

Do you believe running or gyming is the only best exercise practice? In that case, we will love to say you that, Walking also benefits your health. Research says brisk walking for minimum 30 minutes can help you to burn 200 calories.

Though, there is a hook in it. The amount of calories burned by walking depends on the speed of walking. However, according to experts, normal-stepped walk can give major benefits. Hence we can say walking is a workout in itself. In this blog, we will explain some magnificent ways by which walking can benefit your health.

So, let’s start with some walking hacks.

Walking in normal speed is also beneficial. But since, the walking intensity determines its impact on health, consider the following ways to calculate your intensity:

  • If you walk 80 steps per minute, then your intensity is low and it is considered to be leisurely walk. This has less impact but certainly better than idleness.
  • If you walk 100 steps per minute, then your intensity is moderate and it is considered to be medium-stepped brisk walk. This has moderately impact.
  • If you walk 120 steps per minute, then your intensity is high and it is considered to be fast-stepped brisk walk. This has the best impact and helps to burn a good amount of calories.

To prevent any type of strain you must talk to a doctor to decide your steps to walk.

Ways by which walking can benefits your health

Strengthen Immunity: Daily brisk walking for 30 minutes can boost your blood flow and allow white blood cells to stroll freely inside your body. It also reduces your stress and also has anti-inflammatory benefits. All these mechanisms- enriched blood flow, reduced stress and inflammation helps you to strengthen your immunity.

Fitter Your Heart: Every minute Heart pumps 1.5 gallons of blood. To stay healthy it only needs little exercise and no stress. Approximately, a daily walk of 21-minute can cut down your heart disease risks by 30%. This simple exercise can fitter your heart by regulating your heart rates and blood flow while reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Discover our heart care options to fitter heart with care.

Healthier Joints: Walking dismisses arthritis pain by greasing your joints and distributing oxygen and nutrients to them. If you walk for 8-9 km in a week then it will help you to protect your joints from arthritis.

We can give you expert support for pain free joints, bones and muscles.

Cheerful Mood & Sound Sleep: Walking is the simplest exercising form to reduce the risk of anxiety, depression, and memory weakening. It also helps you to get sound sleep by growing cheerful hormones and reducing stress hormones.

Longer Life: Walking decreases or prevents severe chronic illnesses risk such as high BP, diabetes, stroke, etc. It escalates your breath rate and helps your lungs to flush out toxins. It helps your body to heal by fasting up the movement of nutrients through the blood. Walking may also help you to reduce the risk of breast cancer and colon cancer.


If walking at a fast speed is challenging to you, then you can start with slow walking. Try to be consistent and attempt to speed up your steps with each passing day. Happy walking!

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