Necessary Health Check for Women at their 40s

Generally, people of all age group time to time need health check-ups, whereas some people go for yearly health check-ups. But, this maths changes when it is about middle-aged women, because with growing age our body starts developing certain health complications.

Among all types of health complications some require instant treatment, and some not. Therefore, regular health check-ups for women at their 40s is vital.

Let’s check out some essential health check-ups which are necessary at your 40s.

Breast Screening: At the age group of 40’s women are prone to suffer from breast cancer, therefore medical examiners always recommends to go for frequent breast screening for women when they are at their 40s. With this screening, doctors examine if there are any rashes or lumps which can be concerning. In this screening, doctors also examine the nipples to check whether with gentle squeezing if there is any discharge of abnormal fluid. Always take notice of your breast and consult with your doctor in case of any abnormal changes.

Mammogram: Mammogram is used for the diagnosis of breast cancers. Each woman must go for mammogram but the frequently of this test dependents on their age. It is recommended that women at their 40s should go for mammogram once in every 1 or 2 years. Though, one must go for mammogram when prescribed by their doctor.

Screening for colon cancer: Colon cancer screening is very essential for women at their 40s. Colon cancer generally happens because of hereditary, or because of inflammatory bowel disease. Some screening options for colon cancer are:

  • Stool test in every year
  • SDNA-FIT test in every 2-3 years
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy in every 5 years
  • CT colonography in every 5 years
  • Colonoscopy in every 10 years


Diabetes screenings: Women aged above 40, must go for diabetes screening in every 3 years. If you are overweight or if you have high blood pressure then you may require frequent screenings.

Dental screenings: Women at their 40s must go for yearly dental screening. Dentists will examine if you require frequent check-ups and will also do the regular teeth cleaning.

Eye screenings: Women aged above 40 must go for eye screening in every 2-4 years. In case of diabetes, or any vision problem, you will require frequent examination.

Other than all these screening, you may also require blood pressure screening, skin screenings, cholesterol screening, cervical cancer screening, lung cancer screening, along with time to time physical tests.

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