Things to Take Care during a Full Body Check-Up

Generally, people go for a full body check-up only during any major or minor medical emergency. But, it is suggested that to keep yourself immune to any forthcoming medical issues or to avoid such issues, a periodic full body check-up must be done at least once in every 6 to 12 months.

Though, there are some pre-requisites that must be followed before and after a detailed full body check-up. And, if you fail to follow those then it will surely create hardships in your test results.

Let’s have a look on some of the basic practices that must be followed during a full body check-up:

Having proper sleep before going for a check-up – Having sufficient amount of rest is that much important as it is essential to have adequate diet along with physical work, because it retains your blood flow and proper contraction of all your body muscles. It is always recommended to have at least 6 hours of proper sleep prior to your health check-up. If you fail to do so while conduction of various tests, then your test result will have irregularity of heartbeat, blood pressure and body temperature.

Observing food intake – It is suggested not to drink or eat any type of food in the duration of 6-8 hours before the tests are conducted, because the intake of food can form irregularities in the samples retrieved for cholesterol and blood sugar tests. But, you should take water to avoid dehydration possibility.

Avoid alcohol consumption – Although alcohol consumption is not good for health in a longer run. But still, if you consume alcohol, then it is strictly recommended to avoid its consumption in the duration of 24 hours before you go for your tests. Alcohol consumption can hamper the test results, especially the records of liver, blood tests and kidney.

Avoid salty & fatty foods prior to tests – The intake of salty & fat-rich foods can hamper your blood sugar level unevenly, which can hamper your test results. Therefore, it is always suggested to avoid such foods before going for your tests. Though, after your tests, you can consume these kinds of foods in a controlled way.

Avoid heavy exercise – Exercises like weightlifting and cardio, increases the blood flow, pulse rate and heartbeat rate of a human body. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid any such kind of exercise on that particular day when you are going for your full body check-up. It is essential for keeping your blood flow and heartbeat rate at the optimum levels.

Carry your existing chronic diseases reports, if any – If you have any existing chronic disease such as ailment or high blood pressure, then it is suggested to carry your latest reports of that specific disease when you are going for your full body check-up. By referring your report the doctors will get a better idea for thorough diagnosis.

Consult with doctor for hypertension medicines consumption – Hypertension medicines consumption, if any, may cause side effects which may affect your health check-up results. In such situations, it is suggested to take such medicines only after proper doctor consultation, as per his prescription.

Wear loose & comfortable clothing – The medical personnel will take your blood or urine samples for conducting tests for your full body check-up. So to give those samples, it is recommended to wear loose & comfortable clothing, as it allows access to your upper arms, for collecting blood sample.

Avoid conduction of tests during menstrual period – For females, it is recommended to avoid the conduction of tests during periodic menstrual cycle as well as four days before and after the above-mentioned duration. As this time, the urine analysis cannot be done properly because of blood contamination, which will hamper your test results.

Avoid X-Rays during pregnancy – During pregnancy, to ensure the baby’s well-being in the womb of mother, it is recommended to avoid X-ray tests. Since X-Rays are very powerful and it can hamper the formation and other activities of the embryo in the womb.


You should always ensure that all the tests under full body check-up are carried out under strict supervision and guidance of skilled medical professionals or doctors.

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