How Sleep Deprivation can Negatively Impact Your Body?

Almost every person experiences tired or grumpy feeling throughout the day when they had a poor sleep. Nowadays due to busy schedules many people don’t get enough sleep than the needed amount, this situation or sleep deficiency is known as sleep deprivation. Many people don’t even know this can affect their health negatively.

The accurate amount of sleep is very essential for energy and mood. An adult must take at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep every day, but this amount varies from person to person. Deficiency of sleep can cause negative effects on your physical and your mental health.

Let’s have a look on the consequences on sleep deficiency as it can affect your day to day performance and quality of life.

Impacts of Sleep Deficiency on Your Health:

Affects Nervous System:

Sleep is very essential for proper working of your nervous system. Sleep deficiency impacts your thinking abilities as well as mood. Ultimately, lack of sleep escalates psychological risks like depressions, hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, and sometimes suicidal thoughts.

Affects Heart:

According to researches people insomnia is connected with heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

Affects Immune System:

Less sleep disturbs your immune functioning. Accurate sleep delivers your immune system the ability to battle with foreign substances.

Diabetes Risks:

Sleep deficiency affects your body’s capability of blood sugar level regulation, and raises the possibility of getting diabetes.

Obesity Risk:

In numerous ways inadequate sleep is associated with obesity. People who are undergoing sleep deficiency have a habit of eating more calories than they actually need, which can lead to obesity.

Affects Hormonal Levels:

Sleep has a great role in the process of hormone production. Inadequate sleep can affect the production of your growth hormone and can increases the possibility of hormonal disbalance.

Affects Skin:

Pathetic sleep can collapse your skin collagen, which can raise the chance of premature aging signs.


Other than these, there are several other health concerns for sleep deprivation. Though, you can avoid sleep deprivation by making changes in your lifestyle. Some tips to get good sleep are systematic exercise, avoiding electronic items usage before going to bed, limiting daytime naps, etc. Yet, if you still experiencing sleep problems, doctor consultation can definitely help you in this.


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