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The function of transmuting calories into energy is known Metabolism. These chemical mutations that take place inside the cells helps your body part to function properly. The amount of calories burnt to keep your body function habitually, is known as basal metabolic rate or BMI.

Metabolism rate is related with the weight loss process. The greater your metabolism rate is, the greater calories you burn and the sooner you can lose weight. Metabolism rate diverges person to person; it depends on numerous aspects like age, gender, body fat, activity rate, and genetics. Except genetics, one can improve their metabolism rate by simply following some easy and simple tricks.



Eat in the correct amount: Unhealthy diet can put on more weight to your body. If you don’t eat enough calories, this will reduce your body fat but apparently lead you to a low metabolism rate. Therefore, to lose weight, you have to eat sufficient amount of calories to retain your metabolism rate normal.

Consume more proteins: Intake of protein makes you feel fuller for a longer time and prevents you from excessive eating. Protein boosts your metabolism rate.

Stop Drinking Sugary Drinks: Sugary drinks comprise excessive preserved sugar, which is bad for your weight loss journey and also not good for your overall health. As per research, drinking more simple water can increase your metabolism rate and retain you in proper weight.

Consume green tea: Green tea works a lot in weight loss. As per research, green tea contains numerous health benefits. It has very low calories and it also helps to boost your metabolism rate.

Do high-intensity interval training: HIIT training helps you to keep your body in shape. HIIT burns all the extra fats and maintains your metabolism rate high. Weight lifting in workout also increases your metabolism rate.

Take sufficient sleep: Sufficient amount of sleep gives more energy for the new day. It is also important for lose weight. Deficiency of sleep may increase the risk of obesity.


High metabolism rate is also helpful for blood circulation, breathing, controlling body temperature and digesting food. By adding these tips in your lifestyle you can easily boost your metabolism rate. And with high metabolism rate you will get more energy which will improve your health too.

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