Is Deficiency of Vitamin D Dangerous?

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For proper functioning of the body Vitamin D is vital. It is helpful for building bones and for keeping bones strong and healthy. Though from dietary sources one can get vitamin D but majority of vitamin D comes from sunlight only. Once vitamin D taken, it requires to be converted into its active form. When […]

How can you minimize the risk of thyroid disease?

A butterfly-shaped gland located in the front side of neck is known as thyroid. The thyroid creates hormones which help to control numerous functions in the body. If thyroid do not work appropriately, then it affects the entire body. The thyroid hormones, released by thyroid controls the metabolism. The process which converts food into energy […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Protein Diet

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One of the most essential nutrients for human body is Protein. Protein is helpful for building muscle, skin as well as hormones. It also repairs cells, and maintains tissues. A diet with high protein is helpful for weight lose thereby increasing muscle mass and strength. High-protein diets raise your spirits to eat protein more as […]

Diabetes: Causes & Symptoms

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Diabetes or high blood glucose commonly called as blood sugar is a chronic health illness. Glucose is essential in creating tissues and muscles. Insulin hormones produced by pancreas are essential in the metabolism process. From the blood insulin accumulates sugar and transfers it to our body’s cells as energy. When body doesn’t produce sufficient insulin […]

How Hypertension Effect Your Body?

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In current time majority of people have hypertension, also called high blood pressure. You may think having high blood pressure is not a serious matter, but high blood pressure is very cruel for your life. If high blood pressure is left untreated, then it can give rise to numerous deadly health consequences. The process in […]

Metabolism Rate Improving Tricks

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The function of transmuting calories into energy is known Metabolism. These chemical mutations that take place inside the cells helps your body part to function properly. The amount of calories burnt to keep your body function habitually, is known as basal metabolic rate or BMI. Metabolism rate is related with the weight loss process. The […]

Symptoms and Preventive Measures of Hypertension

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High blood pressure disorder is also known as hypertension. In fact, one of the most common disorders of all time is hypertension. From very long time, a vast amount of people are facing this disorder, which in turn gave birth to numerous types of critical health issues. If not treated on time, then hypertension may […]

How to Stay Away From Chronic Kidney Diseases?

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There are numerous people who already suffered from various severe kidney disease forms, which became serious and made them to suffer from critical physical issues. Therefore, taking all the essential steps is a must to avoid chronic kidney disease chances. Chronic kidney diseases can become more serious beyond your imagine. In fact sometimes in some […]

Is Maintaining Heart Health A Big Challenge?

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Heart health is something that you can never ignore in any circumstance. Numerous critical diseases takes place in your heart and can make you fall sick as you never fell before. In fact, there are still a huge number of heart diseases known for turning very serious in a very short time span. As we […]

Everything about Kidney Functioning and Diseases

Kidneys are two bean shaped and approximately large fist sized organs in our body which are located under our rib cage, one on each side of our spine. It purifies our blood by eliminating excess fluids and wastes thereby producing urine. Our each kidney has millions of tiny filters which are known as nephrons. Generally, […]